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The Conflict Doctor

Dr. Rebecca Nicholson

What are your top five stressors, this week? How do you make peace with you brother’s murderer? Is it crazy to look through your partner’s phone if you think they’re cheating? Conflict occurs at all levels – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical – because people are affected by what goes on around them. I’m Dr. Rebecca Nicholson, a conflict resolution expert. I have a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. I’ve published 3 books on conflict, and I work with individuals, businesses, and organizations to resolve conflict. I have worked in human trafficking, child solder reintegration, and sustainable development. I also write training material military special forces, began my career in politics, and educate people about spiritual experiences. I see conflict from many vantage points. Join me as I guide people through their conflict, and for conversations with world-renowned guest speakers, with whom I’ll have conversations about personal and systemic conflict related to race, sex, money, spirituality, gender, war, family, politics, and workplace issues -and all the other confrontations we dread having, but desperately need to face. Stop being lost in the fog of conflict! Learn how to recognize conflict, organize it, and take control how you show up in your life and relationships. Hit subscribe and listen to the world premiere of the Conflict Doctor Podcast.