The Conflict Doctor


August 23, 2022 Dr. Rebecca Nicholson
The Conflict Doctor
Show Notes

Conflict…You know you have it.

Sex, politics, war, money, gender, social dominance, relationships, work, family, race: All the conversations we dread, but desperately need to have.

Who you are. matters in the world. So, we look at the complicated intersections of identity and conflict:

  • What are the top five stressors in your life, this week? 
  • How do you make peace with you brother’s murderer? 
  • Is it crazy to look through your partner’s phone if you think they’re cheating? 
  • What happens when your family is divided religiously or politically, or both?

Conflict occurs at all levels – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical – and we are affected by what goes on around us. 

I show you how conflict is created, and how conflict is resolved. I will be joined by world-renowned guest experts, and I will be coaching people through their conflict. You can expect real life answers to real life problems.

Conflict is complicated, but it can also be deeply rewarding. Stop feeling lost in the fog of conflict! Learn how to recognize it, organize it, and take control how you show up in your life and relationships. 

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About the Host: 

 I’m Dr. Rebecca Nicholson. I am an expert in conflict – at all the complex levels it originates, exists, and affects us – mental, emotional, spiritual, bodily. 

 I show you how to go beyond containing and controlling conflict, to leveraging its power to drive personal, relational, and team growth.

​I am the author and editor of three books on conflict resolution:

  1. ·     Natural Healing as Conflict Resolution
  2. ·     Executive Sexism
  3. ·     How Donors Experience Conflict in the Grantmaking Process

I also host "The Conflict Doctor" Podcast. 

​I have a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution. My work has been featured in The Miami Herald, Invictus Magazine, and Valka-Mir Human Security training material for US Military Special Operations Forces.

I have worked in human trafficking, philanthropy, politics, child solder reintegration, and sustainable development. I also write training material military special forces, and educate people about spiritual experiences. I see conflict from many vantage points, because conflict affects us at every level. 


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