The Conflict Doctor

Amnesty, War Crimes & Cartel NGOs: The War in Ukraine

September 22, 2022 Dr. Rebecca Nicholson / Richard Sharp Season 1 Episode 2
The Conflict Doctor
Amnesty, War Crimes & Cartel NGOs: The War in Ukraine
Show Notes

Episode 2: Amnesty, War Crimes & Cartel NGOs: The War in Ukraine 

  • What is life like in a war zone? This episode explores what is happening on the ground in Ukraine: the war crimes, and the essentially nonexistent humanitarian response, and the systems that keep it all in place. We critique the recent report published by Amnesty International, and we explore the concept of misapplied neutrality.  Richard also talks about the human toll - the injury and trauma - and what people can do to help. 

About the Guest:
Richard Sharp , CEO Frontier Operations

  • Frontier Operations is a Ukrainian based joint venture by British and American companies. It is run by people with strong humanitarian backgrounds who wanted to create something that will assist Ukrainians in a meaningful way. By establishing a Ukrainian company, we want to provide a platform that employs and empowers Ukrainians to help rebuild their country, offering international expertise when necessary. We are committed fully to the people of Ukraine and want to stand side by side and work with them through this most devastating time. We look to harness expertise from within Ukraine and around the world to help as many people in the country as we can. Frontier Operations’ platform will provide services to the Ukrainian government, humanitarian organisations, international donors and private companies looking to re-enter the region to stimulate the economy, opening new business verticals to respond to the needs of these clients.

About the Host:
Dr. Rebecca Nicholson, Founder 8th House Elan

  • Dr. Rebecca Nicholson is a podcast host, consultant, trainer, researcher, and author working with leaders across sectors and cultures. Her expertise is in the areas of violent and political conflict, purposeful leadership, and impactful relationships. Her cross-functional field experience was developed in West Africa, South America, Far East, MENA, and Europe, in initiatives that included military special forces, indigenous populations, private companies, NGOs, policy makers, media outlets, and tribal leaders. Rebecca has over 20 years of experience working in complex roles that include conflict, strategic communication, and behavioral intelligence.

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